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Here are the people who have populated the lab and done so much of the work.

Past students:

1) Christine Graham- 2004-2010 (thesis defense Aug. 2010) Project: Evaluation of the role played by the CRHR1 and CRHR2 genes in inner ear development/function.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Human Nutrition Research Center, Boston (PI- Andy Greenberg)
Current position-COBRE Program coordinator, Univ. New England


2) Sevin Turcan- 2004-2010 (thesis defense April 2010) Project: Biostatistical analyses of gene expression in mice carrying null alleles of genes important for inner ear development.

April 2003- May 2004,  Dept. of Biomedical Engineering Masters student; Primary Advisor- Project: Computer modeling of olivocochlear function, with special emphasis on nicotinic receptor biophysical states.

Current position- Postdoctoral Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY (PI- Tim Chan)


3) Vidya Murthy- 2004-2009 (thesis defense June 2009) Project: Evaluation of the role nicotinic receptors play in the developing innervation to hair cells of the mammalian inner ear.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Mass General Hospital, Boston (PI- Marcy MacDonald)
Current position- Senior Applications Scientist, Harvard Bioscience


4) Julian Tarranda- 2006-2008 Visiting graduate student from Univ. Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina. Project: Morphological and physiological analysis of alpha9 knock-in mice. Previous visit, June 2004-Dec. 2004.  Project: Morphological and physiological analysis of alpha10 knockout mice and completion/validation of alpha9 knock-in mouse targeting constructs.

Current position- Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor , NY (PI- Pavel Osten)


5) Jian-Cheng (Jan) Chang- 2004-2005 (Master's thesis, graduation May 2005) Dept. of Biomedical Engineering Masters student.  Project- Analysis of Corticotropin Releasing Hormone Receptor family gene expression in the mammalian inner ear.

Ph.D. candidate, UMass, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology.

Current position- Postdoctoral research fellow, AVRDC- The World Vegetable Center, Taiwan ROC.


Past Postdoctoral Fellows:

Johnvesly Basappa, Ph.D., June 2004-May 2007. Project- Proteomic analysis of 1) alpha9 and alpha10 nAChR knockout mice; and 2) the corticotropin releasing hormone receptor system of the inner ear.

Current position- staff scientist at Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Past undergrads/summer interns:

Tufts Univ. School of Medicine, Boston, MA

1) Stacey Beberman (Central Conn. College), June-August 2002 undergraduate student- Conn. College. Currently working at NIH as a post-baccalaureate fellow

2) Suchin Wadwani (Univ. Texas),  May-August 2003 undergraduate student.

3) Olufunmi Awonuga,  March 2004- May 2004. Undergraduate student summer internship, Tufts Univ.

4) Tahmer Winston (earned PhD in Biomedical Sciences at UMDNJ ), June 2006-Aug. 2006. Minority Undergraduate Research Summer Program member.

5) Hiren Patel, June 2006- Aug. 2006.

6)  Eric Teplicki, June 2007-Aug. 2007. Minority Undergraduate Research Summer Program member.

7)  Marie-Pierre Payen (Boston Univ.), June 2008-Aug. 2008. Minority Undergraduate Research Summer Program member.

8)  Nadeem Haque (Notre Dame), June 2008-Aug. 2008. Undergraduate student summer internship.

9)  Matthew Hamada, March 2010-June 2011. (shared time with Dr. Kathleen Yee, Dept. Anatomy) Undergraduate student research internship.

Univ. Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS
10) Nameta Mota (Mercer Univ.), June 2012-Aug 2012. Undergraduate student summer research intern.
11) Joshua Lonthair (Univ. Texas, Galveston grad school), June 2012-Aug 2012. Undergraduate SURE summer fellow.
12) Rochelle Corbitt (Tuogaloo College), June 2013- present. Undergraduate SURE Program summer fellow, Jackson Heart Study Scholar Program.
13) LeeAndrea Mitchell (Tuogaloo College), June 2014- Aug 2014. Undergraduate SURE Program summer fellow
14) Sorbor Jaryan (Mississippi College grad school), Sept. 2014- present.

High School Science Mentoring:

Sarah Leonard, 2005. High School Science Mentor Program (Boston Latin High School).
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